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As I turn and try to cut away
the burls and grain of my weathered heart,
it splits and splinters
at the touch of tools grown dull
from the effort, the repeated struggle to understand
where comprehension has petrified
into hardened knots of ingrown limbs
and twisted roots of why?

A novice am I, no master
of the wet stone and grinding wheel,
leaving my chisels and gouges
unequal to the task of this new art of living
unable to slice through
the density of losses hardened on losses.

Each piece spins off-center today,
the wood mimicking my own
rudderless imbalance
catches the tip of my blade
and cracks, again.

I’ve learned to surrender
and lay down my imperfect tools
when after three hours
instead of the pile of toys
imagined by my inner child
lies a single, lonely, spinning top
and a mound of sawdust.

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You can’t enjoy art or books in a hurry.

-E. A. Bucchianeri

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The Zen of Turning Wood



The solidity of my mother, tree
warm in my hand as a babe
spinning, taking shape
from its unnatural geometry
as my meditations
see nothing, hear nothing, know nothing
but it, and this moment
as I fashion with grown-up tools
a plaything for my inner child of six,
before I knew that adults lied
and did bad things
before I knew that children died.

Not escape, but pure presence
as my eyes follow the grain
that once was rooted
that marks the seasons
of sun-spurred growth
and frozen dormancy
that marks the years, turning
as the blade scrapes away
the splinters and bark,
the weathered roughness
and layers of age
to reveal a polished balance
of lightness, strength, and whimsy.

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Books can ignite fires in your mind, because they carry ideas for kindling, and art for matches.
-Gary D. Schmidt

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