Public Pool Private Sanctuary

by Carolin Messier


It does not feel
the rush of gravity
from rivulet to lake
or the tug of the moon.
It does not swell
from heavy rains
or feel the wind
churn it into waves.
No weeds or grasses
grow from its bottom.
It is no habitat for fish.
Sanitized with chlorine
washed in the sterility
of fluorescence
and hemmed in
by measured concrete,
it is a rectangular mass
of lifeless wetness.
But for me it is lifesaving
as it gives me buoyancy
from the heaviness
that is this griefy
earth-bound life.
Its caress
as I stroke through it
comforts me.
It fills my ears
muffling the sounds
of all that doesn’t matter
until all I can hear
is my heartbeat
and exhalation.