Snooze Button

by Carolin Messier



It is a criminal,
a thief who steals
the peace of morning light
and restful final minutes of true sleep.

For the cult of busi-ness
we stretch our days
beyond their natural course
and light-polluted, starless nights
become an ever-shortened nuisance.

To profit faceless companies
we box ourselves in cubicles
and stare at screens
which mark our time
but rob our bodies’ knowledge
of day and night,
spring and summer,
fall and winter.

No longer do we spend short nights
around a fire mending nets,
following long days of fishing
through the salmons’ homeward run.
No longer do we celebrate
the sweet arrival of strawberries,
having settled for their tasteless clones
all winter long.

Do I dare to be a barefoot rebel?
What would happen if I
turned off my screens
and went to bed with the setting of the sun?
Would the world still hold its orbit if I
ignored the calendar
and felt the fresh-cut grass between my toes?
What dreams could I remember,
what beauty could I create,
what kindness and compassion
could I share if I simply
banished the alarm clock
and let my body sleep
until it had its fill?