Safely Home

by Carolin Messier



The way you hear me, and see me,

without judgment,

unties the string

unwraps the paper

and opens the lid completely

of the box

that holds the treasure

of my dreams and fears and sacredness.

I surrender,

fall back knowing,


that your heart will catch me.

And it does.

And I am protected.

And accepted.

And free.

And my most authentic self.

With you, my love, I am home-

a sturdy one

with a foundation

set deep into solid ground,

and walls built of stones

harvested from fields

by the hands of honest men.

Its rafters and beams,

hewn from oak and fruit trees,

hold a roof of slate

which does more

than keep the rain outside.

Inset in bays and gables

windows let in the morning sun

to wake me with its smile

and frame the candle-glow in evening

so I may always find its door

and be welcomed

in its warm embrace,

safely, in your arms.