Who Else?

by Carolin Messier

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Six bags of sawdust made me cry

the loss of your inventiveness and curiosity

felt in waves, not ripples on the pond

by many more than me, the cat and street.


Who else will wonder, about how snowflakes look on Mars,

Or whether ice will warm a woman’s belly with desire

Or be fascinated by the earth’s spun hair of raven glass?


Docked boats for fishing made my smile

the memory of a midnight sail

full moonlit stillness, brought first concern

then magic, as we headed home.


Who else will recite Prufrock, with tomato-garlic sandwiches

Or collect eleven camping stoves, just in case,

Or fly with manta rays at night because he couldn’t swim?


A lost pink hair band made me laugh

the image that you drew in words of girls gone wild,

before unnoticed, now I see them everywhere

on sidewalks, streets and parking lots.


Who else will pet me as a cat, for hours

Or read a pile of books on pirates, psychopaths and love,

Or question, ask and listen to learn and understand another’s mind?


Vows for our wedding made me love

to read your heart in simple lines unsaid

of recognition at the start and courage in the end;

our three years shared were more than many lives.


I’ll be the one now wondering, writing and caressing

And carry on a world alone, discovered as one half of two

And consciously create a home, and life full-lived, once more.